Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

One of the most basic reasons is that our cars are for Public Use with the special authorisation from the Greek Organization of Tourism.

This gives the exclusive right to rent with a driver only in the Public Use cars and not in the Private Use (offices, private individuals) and also the legality of Public Use cars.According to the law that conditions the Public Use cars, there is full insurance of the passengers in opposition to the Private Use cars.

The members of our Contact are owners and professional drivers of Public Use cars and they are checked for the  offered services'benefit  from the responsible services of State. According to the provisions of Law of Decree 701/70 (290/A) the let vehicles without driver are not allowed to be used for implementation of transport of passengers with fee.

Besides, according to article of 18 Law 1903 (142/A') driver of each vehicle, who holds passenger transports with fee, which they have been assigned in other institution or person according to the being in effect each provisions, he is punished and is applied the concise process of articles 417 and next the Code of Penal Procedure.

They even have authorisation of circulation in the ring when there are in effect restrictive metres to the Private Use cars.

That depends on what is your wish. There are various programmes you can choose. Generally you can make a reservation of a limousine for 2-4 hours before but it always depends on the destination you will choose.

The prices of each transfer are fixed,and they are based on the official list we are given by the Greek Tourist Organization and there is no extra charge for the client. Our offers are given only in special cases after an agreement between us and the companies that make the reservations or to some often clients.

Limousine rental costs are based on the type of the vehicle and your destination. 8-seater vehicles costs a bit more.

  • It's not legal and it does not provide you any safety according to the above!
  • In case of an accident with culpability of the driver that they have given you, you will be compelled the high cost  of the damage!
  • It might be late and you'll lose your flight!
  • It might not appear and you'll lose your appointment!
  • Another limousine might appear instead of the limousine you have hired!
  • It might be late for the wedding!

Credit cards are also acceptable: Visa - Mastecard, American Express. You can also prepay your transfer via our PayPal online system.

He will be holding a sign at the arrivals hall on which will be written either your name or the name of the company that made the reservation. (This is your choice).

For single airport or hotel transfers not necessarily. But for larger groups or vehicle number you can prepay through PayPal for safe bookings.

The general rule is as soon as possible. Usually, 48 hours earlier is appropriate, to avoid disappointment in terms of your choice of a car. The later you make the reservation the more possible that the date may not be available. For anything urgent just call us. Our cancellation policy requires at list 12 hours before the selected transfer.

Our chauffeurs are highly qualified and most of them have at least 15 until 20 years driving experience. Skills and good attitude are prized assets and we demand them from our chauffeurs.

We provide our services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. (By request)